Aibake About Us


To make our mini cake widely accepted for its extraordinary taste with its infinite combination of toppings.


 To be recognized as the global brand name by consolidating a stable, successful and lasting business model.


 Our principal values are integrity, sustainability and customer care, by only providing our customers with prime-quality products. Because we have a delicious, delightful and fun product, therefore when we talk about Aibake we are talking about dynamism, freshness and a passion for the authentic. We believe fresh isn't just an adjective, it's a way of life. No substitutes. No shortcuts. Only real butter and gourmet ingredients handcrafted with integrity and quality you can taste in every bite. It's not the fast way and certainly not the easy way.

1) No Artificial Substitutes-We held fast to the integrity of gourmet ingredients, refusing to sacrifice quality in lieu of shortcuts or artificial substitutes. Zero preservatives added. All goodness.

 2) 100% Real Butter-In our kitchen, it begins with butter. The scent of real butter baking in a warm oven is unmistakable ... there's simply no substitute.